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Monday, January 11, 2010

Associated Press - Online Article

Associated Press called to learn more about my small production digital textile printing experience. The reporter Jennifer Forker, focused mainly on my experience and that of Cameron Blazer who has a blog at You can read the Associated Press article at ABC online news -
It is great to be selected to discuss this new way of doing things...especially for small quantity orders. The article is about the access to digital printing for people who want to design their own fabrics. The article mentions KarmaKraft (which I use because they can print on silk as well as on cotton and other fabrics) and Spoonflower, which is great for cotton and other fabrics that do not require dye sublimation printing. Both provide an easy to use online service. I got started on a website for Miatela, just in time. I hope you visit it. And please visit to see some of my paintings. It is not complete, but you will see the artworks that are the basis for many of the scarf designs.

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